Our Philosophy

Lasting recovery is anchored in connection.

Recovery is ignited when you connect your imperfections to your beauty.


The Bellatore philosophy is grounded in connection. Our founders are all native Kansans, connected as personal friends and colleagues for over 12 years. Throughout our years treating eating disorders, we’ve consistently seen that building truthful connections with your own courage, your own beauty, and your own people lets you:

  • Make peace with yourself.

  • Tap into your true unique strengths.

  • Find lasting recovery from eating disorders.

Recovery is fortified when you connect your vulnerabilities to your strengths.

This is not an easy road. It’s populated with dead ends, denial, and shame. Add to that the daily stresses of school and work. It’s no wonder disordered eating becomes something many people deal with... tomorrow.


But there is hope. We see it every day, first-hand. While eating disorder sufferers are rarely successful in isolation, they heal when surrounded with support and guidance. Leaning on people, rather than on an eating disorder, nurtures relationships where we can grow and thrive. We believe this is true for all of us.

Bellatore translates to Beautiful Warrior, and we’re ready to help you win this battle. We believe that it is vital that we are present in our program groups every night, to develop connections and relationships with each client.


Our mission is to help you find, explore, and secure the internal and external connections critical to long term self-love and acceptance, and to provide practical tools you can use to anchor this recovery in your day-to-day life. 

Recovery is sustained when you connect your fears to the quiet courage of your inner warrior. 

Bellatore Recovery

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